The LLamas in the Mountains

The best animals for Adean People


The llama is a South American relative of the camel, though the llama does not have a hump.

Pack Animals

These sturdy creatures are domestic animals used by the peoples of the Andes Mountains. (Their wild relatives are guanacos and vicuñas). Native peoples have used llamas as pack animals for centuries. Typically, they are saddled with loads of 30 to kilos. Under such weight they can cover up to 30 km in a single day. Pack trains of llamas, which can include several hundred animals, move large amounts of goods over even the very rough terrain of the Andes.

Llamas are willing pack animals but only to a point. An overloaded llama will simply refuse to move. These animals often lie down on the ground and they may spit, hiss, or even kick at their owners until their burden is lessened.


Llamas graze on grass and, like cows, regurgitate their food and chew it as cud. They chomp on such wads for some time before swallowing them for complete digestion. Llamas can survive by eating many different kinds of plants, and they need little water. These attributes make them durable and dependable even in sparse mountainous terrain.

Relationship With Humans

Llamas contribute much more than transportation to the human communities in which they live. Leather is made from their hides, and their wool is crafted into ropes, rugs, and fabrics. Llama excrement is dried and burned for fuel. Even in death, llamas can serve their human owners—some people slaughter them and eat their meat.

So in Inca culture considerated the  llamas as a most important animals, because they used in order to sacrificed and offer to their divinities so llamas also they are considerate as a sacred animal, because the had a llama on the milky way.

And nowadays we have llamas in our mountains in PERU CUSCO, but our local people they are still using the llamas for their agriculture activities. Therefore if someone is going to visit to Cusco Peru you can see llamas in the mountains and also you can llamas in Machupicchu. And also the llamas they are domesticated, so we do not have any wild llamas in the mountains in Peru and choquequirao trek.


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