The Amazing Living in the Mountains

Better Life with Mother Earth


The Andean concept of Sumaq Kausay is the guiding principle of the Culinary Sanctuary. Sumaq Kausay means harmonious existence or a good life, based on respectful coexistance within a broad understanding of community called Ayllu.
In Andean cosmovision, there are three intimately connected Ayllu that make up the whole, encompassing all that exists in a fluid and vital relationship. Runa Ayllu is the realm of humans, including people, their fields, homes, domesticated species and communities. Sallk’a Ayllu represents the realm of the wild, comprised of non-domesticated animals, plants, rivers and rain. Auki Ayllu refers to the sacred, including the Apus (mountain deities), sacred sites, spirits of the ancestors, and Pachamama, as well as the rituals and feasts in their honour. Respectful and
reciprocal relations between the three ayllu maintain balance, with the aim of achieving Sumaq Kausay.

Sumaq Kausay is reflected in the elements of the Culinary Sanctuary and the relations between them.

Runa Ayllu is represented by:
• Livelihood activities in the Culinary Sanctuary, including gastronomy, crafts and natural products development.
• Domesticated animals and plants that are cultivated for food.
• Water directed through channels for irrigation.
• Interactions with local, national and international visitors.

Sallk’a Ayllu refers to:
• Wild species which are indicators for agriculture, and maybe collected for food and medicine.
• Rain and rivers that nourish the soils and provide the water for animals and plants.
• The landscape that supports all life and in which the culture, agriculture and food systems have developed.

Auki Ayllu includes:
• Apus, sacred mountains that protect and provide for communities, and participate in their governance.
• Celebrations of thanksgiving for the abundance provide by Pachamama ( mother earth), and the spirits of the plants and animals.
• Ethical considerations of justice, respect, complementarity.

When there is balance among the Ayllu, people live in harmony with each other, and with Pachamama, respecting the traditions of the ancestors and maintaining all that is good for future generations.
This is sumaq kausay.

But this kind of life we are practicing in the communities near of Cusco Peru.

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